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From anaerobic digestion to carbon sequestration, and from liquid biofuels to energy cropsBioenergy, biofuels, cereals, wheat, farmer, energy agriculture, we have it covered. Our BioenergyWeekly newsletter provides subscribers with up to date news, market data and more, or see what our in-depth market reports and bespoke services can do for your businesses.

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Enagri's BionergyWeekly Newsletter contained the latest bioenergy news and market data.

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This website will remain active until early 2015 as an archive for existing subscribers to access and download data.

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cows can be an efficient source of biogas and bioenergy Incorporating all bioenergy technologies, Enagri covers the latest politics of bioenergy, biofuel news and other features on all aspects of energy agriculture. The market and price data includes commodity prices, feedstock prices, biofuels, biomass fuels, woodfuels, and futures prices for bioenergy products and services.

Whatever your role in the bioenergy chain, from a farmer growing feedstock, to a power generator or fuel distributor, we're here to guide you through the bioenergy maze and help you generate a new world. To find out more please explore our site, or login to view our subscriber pages.

Here at Enagri, we believe that Knowledge Creates Power, that's why we're here, to share knowledge. What would you like to know?

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Salon Bois Energie 2015

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